Vision Boards 101


Where focus goes, energy flows.

If you have been wondering what a vision board is, why it's so incredibly life changing, and how to create your own - wonder no more. This is your ultimate guide to the manifestation machine. I can tell you from personal experience just how cracker these babies are.

Vision boards are a smoothie of dreams, goals, places, affirmations, quotes, and reminders. A reflection of who you are about to become and what you are about to accomplish. When I wake up every morning and see the incredible beauty of Greece or the simple reminder to live mindfully, it automatically creates a vibrant, progressive energy for my day. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it before.

So here’s the 3 simple steps that you can take to create, use, and manifest your very own vision board! If you already have one, what are some magical things that have become a reality for you?


Step 1: CREATE
First off you're going to decide what platform you're using. Is it an online vision board? Pinterest? A sketch book? A wall collage? A bullet journal? Once you've decided:

  1. Set the stage. Play some high vibe tunes, light some candles, burn incense, rub your dog's tummy. You want to create a space for your brain to really meditate.

  2. Think of everything. Reverie on your career, relationships, finances, fitness, food, art, travel, little things that make you happy, spirituality, house, car, pets, your bucket list - everything. Pro tip: nature walks, long drives, bike rides, or just exploring the city are great ways to get the mental pot stirring too.

  3. Get some positive imagery. Gather magazines, go on Instagram or Pinterest (like you don't already), old photography books, digital photos, flowers, fairy dust. Whatever! Glance at other's as well, but just make sure you are making this personal or it won't feel like it is. Pro tip: take a trip to your local clinic, grocery stores, and tourist shops to get loads of outdated magazines.

  4. Now put it all together. If its a physical board you obviously need things like scissors, poster boards, sticky tack, glue, and command strips. Just don't become a perfectionist. Life is imperfect, so your vision board won't be either. Its always a work in progress, so you can change it or add things to it whenever!

  5. Display it. Your room, your phone wallpaper, desktop, your office. Just make sure its somewhere you can see it every single day.

Step 2: FOCUS

So how do you make it work? A vision board is the life you want to live in a collage. But it will stay that way forever unless you actually connect with it. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Wake up every morning, study your vision board, and say, "I am accomplishing my dreams." Or some other cheesy affirmation that gets you pumped.

  2. Do it again every night. Or whenever. The more time you spend with your vision board, the more your mind will think about it and the more the universe will reflect it back into your life.

  3. Share it with your buddies. If you choose to do a wall collage like I did, make sure you take some pictures so you can whip it out when the conversation comes along.

  4. Choose one thing at a time. Depending on how big you make it, a vision board can get a little overwhelming. Focusing on one goal or section to focus on for the day or week will help you get specific and give you the space to act on it.


Now comes the rewarding - and most important part. Make sure you do these things to nourish the bond between you and your BFF, the Law of Attraction.

  1. Have faith my friend. Manifesting, affirming, praying, meditating - thats all worthless unless you exercise some faith. Have faith that the Source Energy is going to be there for you, that it is thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. But also, you have to trust yourself that you are capable to do what it takes. That you will take every opportunity the universe sends your way. You just gotta beliieeve.

  2. Pour out gratitude. Like its maple syrup on International Pancake Day. This isn't a one way relationship. If you don't let the Universe know that you are grateful for its gifts, it will stop sending you them, because gratitude is its love language. It's the only gift that you can give back. So don't leave the Universe on read.

  3. Renew. Our goals evolve over time, which is rad! It means you are growing and learning as a human being. So, like I mentioned earlier, it's real important that you update your vision board. Usually every 6-12 months depending on your personal changeometer.